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Hi, I'm a music producer, father & founder of "Unminus" - Free Premium Music for everyone. 

Besides my job and three children, I'm working towards a dream I had years ago:

Royalty Free Music for All Your Projects.

(Inspired by Unsplash)

All music published on Unminus can be used for free. You can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the creator or Unminus.

As a Music Artist I found out early, that Music-Copyright is not trivial. So in the beginning I decided to give my own music away for free as I can assure the rights. 
​​After much feedback, improvements & submissions ​I hope you like to follow creating a go-to place for 100% free premium music.

I need your feedback & support to maintain and extend the project while keeping it ad-free.

Let‘s create „unsplash for music“ - together.

Thanks so much.