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Three filmmakers dissect some of cinema's biggest flops, whether financial or critical, and discuss what makes them watchable despite their lack of success.

Your host, Brent Evans, is the writer-director behind the award-winning short film, Antisocial. His only regret in life is that he didn't get to make Pulp Fiction first. He loves a spot of Dungeons and Dragons and enjoys anchovies on his pizza. He gives pineapple a firm no.

Kori Reay-Mackey is the super-talented filmmaker behind the celebrated Residue. Kickstarting his career shooting music videos, he pretty much is exactly his filmmaking idol, David Fincher. He likes taking long walks on the beach, and the movie Alien 3.

Ben Norris is progenitor of the award-winning Antisocial. A huge Christopher Nolan fan, he doesn't have time for simple things like that pesky Space Jesus thing in The Last Jedi. He likes Meatlovers pizza and thinks sliced pineapple is the best thing since sliced pizza.