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We created this page to raise support in order to keep the show running!

Like any podcast, there are expenses that go along with producing the episodes each week. While we are committed to investing the time needed to create meaningful content, we no longer have the resources to invest financially for producing the show. That's where you come in...

YOU can help us keep the show alive by contributing to our fundraising campaign! If you have enjoyed the podcast or appreciated the interviews we have done, please consider being a supporter and furthering the community of fellow up and comers around the world.

The investment needed to cover the expenses for producing the next 25 episodes, we are needing to raise $2750. If you want to sponsor an episode, a $100 contribution does just that! (Which, in coffee-terms, equates to buying us 20 coffees ;).)

Any and all donations are welcome! We appreciate your partnership and heart in joining us in this way.

Here's to what's to come