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What Up Doe!? I appreciate you & the energy that brought you to the page 🤝🏾Thank you for that. YouTube is constantly adding RIDICULOUS restrictions to it's partners program tightening it's grip on channel holders & content creator's making it even harder to fully maximize our content, channels &/Or brands MONETARILY. In fact, YouTube recently reserved the RIGHTS to run ads, monetizing videos on channels that had been previously deemed unsuitable for advertisements & demonitized by human review. They are also monetizing content from creator's who have yet to reach the requirements set by their partners terms & services which is both greedy & unethical. That is why I chose to bring my talents to BUY ME A COFFEE.COM ☕  & I am thankful you've chosen to take this ride with me. Here you can watch free videos, subscribe for exclusive content & perks or support my craft with a small donation to unlock DEBATE TEAM ONLY content. I appreciate both the ENERGY & LOYALTY that landed you here, and I appreciate the fact that you're rock'n with me 🤝🏾 #GodBlessTheReal 🧤🚩 #DebateTeam 🏆 #PurpleHeartGang 💜

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