Buy Upskilling For Change a coffee


Hi! Thanks so much for landing on this page! 

We believe in complete transparency. Below are our monthly running costs. We don't charge for the content we create or our current activities, such as our monthly Global Staffroom event, so your help towards our running costs will always be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

* A paid Zoom account so that we can meet to record YouTube videos, host our monthly Global Staffroom events, and meet internally to organise our activities is £14.39 per month.

* A Buzzsprout account so that we have somewhere we can post our podcasts for you to listen to costs £11.22 per month 

* Google Storage so that we can organise ourselves internally and share access to resources, information and documents is £2.49 per month 

*A Canva account so that we can create graphics for our website and social media costs us a monthly £10.99 

*A website so that you can visit us and learn more about us is £24 a month

*A domain name so that it's easy for you and other people to find our website costs £14.35 per month 

*A business email address which is easy to remember so that you and other people can reach out to us by email costs just £6 a month 

*A mailing list feature on our website so that you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter and we can make sure we keep everyone up to date with our activities is £24.19 a month   

*Editing and subtitling software so that we can upload accessible content for learners and educators is £10 per month

All of this totals £117.63 per month running costs and of course, it doesn't include the time we spend planning, prepping and delivering our various activities!

Thank you again for anything you can help us with!