Some people with little awareness as to what's happening to patriots have approached me and have listened to the lies and falsehoods a group of people (it is always the same group) online have said about me. These people troll the internet, do identity fraud, try to shut down my animal rescue, have tried to send my rescue animals to slaughter, they vandalize my property, they have harassed me and filed false police reports; hundreds, if not thousands of them!

I have never said much about these attempts to silence my message by their attempt to silence me or to discredit me so that the message I have for the public, would be discredited. They only do this to Patriots who have influence, who have a huge following and who have helped this movement in a profound way. I agree with Donald Trump racism is a huge issue and so is the war against Patriots-it is much worse than people think. I also agree with Trump (see his post from yesterday) that something is up with people high in power. I have said this for a long time that this would be happening...

I have received two letters from government agencies indicating that they are investigating these aforementioned potential crimes against patriots. What the criminal gang and network have done must shock the conscience of many. It has put at risk the safety and wellbeing of American citizens. It has further done damage to this country in ways that is beyond your imagination.

If they go after us Patriots, they will go after you too it is just a matter of time. If they let crime be happening and refuse to enforce the law they will do it to everybody in the end. Perhaps it is funny for some democrats when it happens to a republican, not realizing that they would be next in line with the same type of agenda and in the end we won't have a country any longer. We will have a dictatorship where a small percentage of people rule who will enforce communism and if you do not comply, they would want to kill you. The depopulation agenda and these types of ideas, driven by communism (=Satanism), are already in effect without the general population realizing it. We have seen this with the orchestrated corona virus outbreak and unsafe vaccines, whereas the same type of group is responsible; again think network.

For a lot of people all they care about is how much their next paycheck will bring and when I told these unaware people yesterday about child trafficking and how many millions of children have been getting tortured and murdered every year by the same group of Satanists, I mentioned above (think network), they could not care less and probably thought that I was crazy. They believe because if is not in the lamestream news, it must be not happening. I say these people are very ignorant and they will be left behind. Right now I'm watching who does what and who is who; and I'm very careful about people as I have learned, just like Donald Trump and many patriots, not to trust a lot of people. JUDGMENT DAY is here and people need to wake up and make a choice on which side they want to be on. The energies on this earth have changed so that there is enough awareness out there to realize and discern these things. No longer are there excuses when people choose to be blindfolded and do not want to listen to the facts and the truth that is out there in plain sight for them to see.

I disagree that it all needs a formal announcement. People have a choice at this point and all they have to do is have a honest approach and wanting to see the truth. The truth is out there, and the truth remains the truth, no matter how someone wants people to see only a small portion of misrepresented facts, or hear a one-sided opinion. It is up to us to discern and with proper intention everyone can wake up if they choose to wake up. Which side do you want to be on or who do you want to be is the question everyone should ask themselves at this point. FOLLOW ME HERE