August will be the month you finally will see action. Things will be 'taking off' in the month of August. Soon I will tell you more!

I have stated in my last post on my blog that the Bush Dynasty, Clinton Dynasty, Rockefeller Dynasty etc. are taken over by the Patriots. Now this meme, which came out the other day, confirms it with the 13 families. Memes like these are often created by the Trump team.

Another meme is going around....that Biden will be removed from office since he is an ILLEGITIMATE president. Biden is actually already removed (the facemask, the clone and the real one....). But he will be officially removed since the election recount is about to be done. As stated a while back, the goal was to have the election fraud PUBLICALLY proven through our judicial system and the judicial process. Otherwise the take-over of power would be seen as a military coup. A lot of people are afraid of the military and don't understand that the military has been utilized to take our power back, not to control us. Once this process is done and the cabal is dead, the republic America will be alive and free. Word is also going around that Donald Trump is right now president and JFK junior VP of the republic, in the future Trump will oversee more the world and JFK junior will be president of the United States, with General Flynn as vice president. Also you will see the structure of the government change. It is said that we will have new elections in October.



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