People have falsely claimed that nothing is happening while our predictions, as an entire picture, have all happened, it has just not always been announced. In some cases things are dragged on but they ARE happening! It is the Art of War. You get more done when you are silent, when you distract and don't always fight the enemy head-on.

Trump is right, something has to be done. Evil forces are trying to jail people of the light, people who speak the truth and people who do good in this world. I have seen corrupt people first hand in law enforcement team up with criminals, smear you, they are part of the Freemason group. They do anything and everything they can to bring injustices to this world, and let criminals walk. In this new time this will not be allowed any longer! Fight back! Pray and use positive visualization. Align yourself with good things, do not focus on the bad. Do not buy into the jab scar tactics. Evil forces are losing-and criminals are going to prison on all levels. The times of deception are done! For those who won't comply in public office they will be forced out.