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Putin is like a facemask with Trump behind it...think about it. It's all a façade and a perfect chess play....While Putin is getting rid of the New World Order and the DC power in the Ukraine, it is actually Trump doing it all!

A fake nuclear war is on the horizon, the fake war with Ukraine is happening, now we got China attacking Taiwan...don't worry, Taiwan is safe and so are the Ukrainians...who are not safe are Deep state operatives such as Biden/Clinton/Obama allies. While everybody is looking at this fake war with Russia the new banking system is here and so is the currency reset. I had expected it end of February. I see money being handed out....with the New Earth more fluid time lines changing around a bit I would be looking at some spring flowers....before that they have to sh....t the sh....t down. Declass and mass arrests are coming. Everything will come to a standstill.

Right now they are talking in Europe about attacking Russian Banking, in Canada the truckers had their accounts frozen and in the United states they are talking about bank cyberattacks. In reality they want people to have cash on hand, because the banks might be shut down for a while due to the changes. Also don't forget to have food for about ten days.

President Trump is the superpower right now in the world; he is behind the facade. Biden will be blamed for the Ukrainian invasion that happened under his watch, for inflation, for the stock market crash etc. In reality we needed to get rid of the bio labs in the Ukraine and the Deep state's second seat of their DC headquarters. The economy needed to be crashed too, as well as basically almost all markets.

Right now everything is flipping to our types of New Earth, which is Nesara/Gesara=Freedom, Prosperity and Peace.

This meme below just came out. What it going on is that we have switched time lines into the past the last year, which is in part explained why we had to go through all that troubles again and were so much attacked (think sting operations). Now the timeline is going back into the future where Biden and his son hunter will be exposed....among the rest of the DNC members (mostly clones!). Time is up! Our patience will be paying off! Welcome New World! Please join me on other social media and check my website for links

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