I have stated in my videos the past months that there will be a standstill and afterwards everything changes. See all social media links at: www.utsava.net There will be a scare event and nuclear threat. We have gotten the nuclear scare event confirmed, which is coming up. We are at a STANDSTILL right no. Do not worry! Have enough food at home for ten days and your car filled up with gas. Have some cash on hand.

There will be an event that will sh...t the s....t down here soon! I know it has been a long ride; a lot of us went to Hell and back. We have gotten attacked by more than just online trolls and the government corruption is deep all the way to the Communist party which leads to the roots of Satanism. PRAY EVERY DAY, HAVE POSITIVE THOUGHTS. Demons will feed off your positive energy if you let them...Do NOT CONSENT to the suffering by the Deep state Operatives. These people will pay their price for their wrongdoings.

SIGN that things are happening! We know that London Bridge is a marker and so is the death of the Queen. Lots of talks is in the news about the death of the Queen which leads to Death of the MSM and Gesara/Nesara among other things which she had power over. The real Queen has been executed a while back; out there is an actress. MSN is being taken over. Elon Musk is out there presenting a show that makes it appear that there is no hostile take-over; but just with XRP; they did not settle with the SEC. The government owns XRP just like they took over Chase Bank, the FED and more! Musk is talking about taking over Twitter and other social media platforms.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been executed a while back as well and out there has been a double/clone. We have shown proof for years of the differences of appearance. Like Q said the Queen protects the King and after the Queen falls the King will follow! This coincides with news surfacing today, that implicates Boris in scandals and talk is about what would be happening when he will be leaving office. Think about preparing the People for what is ahead!

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