We have had 95 degrees where I live and it did not cool down. The Deep state has again created a heat wave, there are fires in Arizona in connection with the audit. With the EBS we would have power outage. You cannot have power outage when it is so hot. It also turns out that the Deep state de-activated the smart cooling systems so that people are suffering in this heat. Many of us experience this. Weeks ago the White hats created cooler weather ahead of the EBS so that the power outage would not be an issue, but then the Deep state was blocking the technology. The white hats had to scramble and put another satellite into the sky-now we have this heat wave. Today the white hats were able to make it cooler again and it is 65 degrees where I live.

What is going on with the Aliens:

I will explain things soon a bit more detailed; The Deep state has started the Blue Beam project/clown project at the area 51 and soldiers have been sent there recently. This project creates the illusion of an alien invasion. We have talked about this fake alien invasion event coming up ahead of the EBS. I have had alien encounters the past few days. Part of it was fake, in connection with the Blue Beam project. I think what happened it is not visible to all but it is in place. The White hats are in control. Other alien-type frequencies are emitted as well on one hand started by the dark side to cover up the truth from coming out, but then it is used by the white hats as a distraction. What is really going on is that the good aliens and nature spirits, for instance, are about to reveal themselves to people more. The 'alien invasion scenario' is a distraction and propaganda in order to make all aliens look bad and scary. There is a lot of alien activity right now, some is real, some is fake but there is a lot of technology going on to hinder or distract from the current (real) events unfolding.


Some people on social media falsely claim that the exchange of foreign currencies have already happened in the United States. In reality the exchange rate has not officially changed yet; you will be notified when you can exchange your US dollars and foreign currencies as they will be gold backed and change of the rates (officially) will take place. Please do not listen to disinfo. A lot of people claim that they have insider knowledge and they have a lot less insider connections then I have (physical ones), yet they claim that they are so connected....In reality they spread disinformation; we have dealt with this issue for years.


The EBS is still imminent. You can see that we are dealing with some hurdles but 'nothing can stop what is coming'....We had explosions and nuclear threats something that was predicted as well ahead of the EBS. Things are a bit delayed but it is all happening still in the time frame as predicted. Perhaps there might be a two week delay for some events. We also have spotted a lot of military activity since I told you that a week ago the military has taken over and Nesara is in place. They are behind the scenes taking over the banking system, the school system, the court system and more. This does not mean that it will be visible right away but we have seen action since then such as military deployed in places, military vehicles on the road and a lot of military airplanes. We also had certain airlines flights being cancelled and the national weather service website was down. This was a test because with the EBS there will be no more commercial air traffic. We also see more and more signs that DC is dead. You call the White house, there are no tours. A lot of place are closed.

Bad actors are trying to create chaos and deception; part of it is the disinformation out there. Higher consciousness makes it so you can see more the truth and see through the deception of dark players. Trust your instincts and follow your gut on things.