Good Evening,

I hope all is well for you. These are intense times where attacks against people who rescue animals, who report on this movement and other great folks doing amazing things in this world, intensify. The other day John Durham said: "Today everything changes. They will be punished for what they have done." This does not mean only for direct political criminals, this means also for Deep state operatives in their scheme to stop MAGA folks.

Below you will see some pictures of the horses we have saved last. There were three horses I fundraised for. There was some money left over and I also shipped in my own funds in order to have six more horses bailed half. I received so far rescue pictures of these three below; Pelelope, Robin and Austin.

Last week there have been mass arrests of voter fraud. I have stated that the US military has been and will be taken over 'our system'. Someone has posted a video where they tracked a package of the US post office and it said US military on the tracking number. Since a lot of voter fraud was conducted via the post office, the military can seize it. There are many phases in this 'take-over' and today is another phase, tomorrow another and sooner than you think will be the EBS.

They are trying, right now to shut down pages such as CNN or Facebook without shutting down the internet. The military will be attempting to have the internet on during the EBS, but bring pages down which are part of the Deep state agenda that will be trying to block the truth from coming out.

Last monday a lot of sites were down. The routers were removed. A lot of sites have been switched to our new galactic system. Satallites are currently being taken over.

Don't forget. We are a country of war. Know that there are many infilitators out there. They have been defaming many patriots and me, in order to stop us from spreading the truth. They try to incriminate us and defame us with 100% fabricated stories. The same group of criminals have been doing the crime of Identity fraud on Instagram, where they pretended to be me, soliciting for sessions. All my appointments are only booked via my website Don't be played. Whatever the future holds it will be all revealed in god's timing. While we remain imperfect, know who the liar and enemy is.

We need to pray for each other and keep the energy high in a peaceful manner. If we attack another patriot we are only hurting ourselves. PENANCE is coming. JUSTICE is coming. Courts, lawyers, police officer, judges etc. will have to stand down. We will be going back to Constitutional law, to the gold standarts and the Quantum free energy. Everything will change. A new beautiful world will be here soon. But it is important that we keep positive thoughts and do our own inner work. Don't get lost into fear, shame and blame etc. Instead be mindful and look within. Explore your own thoughts instead of reacting blindly to things.

More soon for members this evening. Again, I'm very grateful for your support and hope you love yourself, and be sourrunded like me with beautiful and loving people and pets.