Thank you for helping save Pistol, Journey, Silverado and Rickey. They arrived at the horse rescue and are doing fine. They have a bit of a cold which is not unusual coming from a kill pen. Silverado has a swollen mouth that is from an old injury and is not fixed as they had claimed. We have contacted the original owner of Rickey and he was sold and had multiple homes. Then someone gave him to auction. He buckles at times but is a good riding horse otherwise they said. They were surprised that he ended up at the kill pen like many others....too many! I will post more pictures soon! I post more frequent updates on Instagram. BTW Rumble has removed me from the search while Youtube has banned my channel for life. I'm on Bitchute and Utah gun exchange. Please check out my website for all social media links. I also post a lot on Gab and Telegram.