Thank you so much for your help to rescue the 46 donkeys the other day. The rest of the 46 donkeys have left the kill pen today; 13 are on the way to freedom to Missouri, to a rescue. The rest of the donkeys are with me. Some of them are very skinny and weak, others are fine. Some have overgrown hooves. I give those in need remedies for infections, I provide de-wormers, equine senior feed, hay and more. It takes hours every day to feed them all and to collect the feed. It is important to make sure all are eating and no urgent health issues are ignored. We have a hay shortage and Texas deliveries are down, due to the snowstorm. I am hoping to have other rescues to pick up more soon.

People in the rescue network could not believe it that I pulled it off- it cost over $ 15,000 for the purchase of these donkeys alone. Your help was greatly appreciated. I don't know if I would have managed it without you! I have received about half of the money back, I have spent on the purchase of the donkeys, with your donations so far. This helps a lot as feed and natural remedies are expensive as well.

Some of these donkeys are babies, others are seniors and some are pregnant. A lot are very sweet and come up to me and like to be close. They are super cute. Donkeys have very deep emotions. They suffer very much when they are abused and abounded. A lot of these donkeys will be available for adoption; in case you are interested please let me know.

Your impact in these rescues I do is 100% to directly save animals. They would have been shipped to slaughter otherwise. There are rescues where people pay themselves, ask for a premium or otherwise the animals are not in real danger as not all 'kill pens' are real kill pens. In this case they would have shipped last Thursday and these precious beings would have been brutally killed. Now they are save and get the care they deserve.

Today also the seven mustangs we have helped fundraise are on their way to freedom. Please check out more pictures on Instagram:

Today the last 13 donkeys were picked up on their way to freedom: