Today it was announced that the queen has died. I have predicted that I have seen beginning of September the possible events, we have been waiting for, such as the EBS, death of the queen, stock market crash etc. While in the past the White hats have been planning such events and did not follow through for various reasons, we know that the EBS and certain events connected to it, that will change the way we do certain things and the world as we know it, are near. The truth will be revealed. The emergency broadcast, the gold standards, Nesara/Gesara, the reset, currency reevaluation and the stock market crash are about to happen and the entire system change, are coming up soon. I have talked since January about the 'scare' event that involves a nuclear threat and the war scenarios such as China/Taiwan as well as Ukraine/Russia. Remember, it may sound scary, and a world emergency will be declared, know that the White hats are using such scare event in order to 'shut the sh...t' down' and bring in the new system. If you have not seen my videos, they are on Rumble and Bitchute. For a total list of social media links, please check out my website: .

The new world is here, the old, created by the devil, has to end. It takes a shock, an emergency and rapid actions, in order to make this happen. Have enough food at home for ten days, your car full of gas and cash on hand. There is a power outage expected. Perhaps you will hear that the power grid was attacked. The power grid is safe. The outage is necessary in order to bring in the new free energy.

The death of the queen has always been an important 'marker' that then triggers certain other events like a domino effect. We had previously two events where there was a hint of the queen's death involving the London bridge. I have stated in my video the third incident will be the public version of the death of the queen. Now we have this third event, and this is the official version of the death of the queen. The predictions are confirmed.

The real queen has been executed after a military tribunal a couple of years ago. The queen in the public eye recently was an actress. Charles has been executed as well; a clone has replaced him. The royal family has been dismantled. Their assets have been confiscated as well. While members of the royal family might hold on to their titles and social standings; they have no real meaning any further as they have basically lost all real power.

On BBC the reporters are wearing black.

Joe Biden facemask has been removed as predicted would happen in August/beginning of September. Real President Trump of the Republic America calls for Decertification of the election 2020. He could not do it before, while facemask Biden was in office, since the Deep state would have accused him of treason, even though Biden was a fake president. I don't care if they show a clown show on TV with Biden acting like Hitler with the devil's color (red) in the background; the white hats are doing this. What more does it take to wake up everybody?

What more can I say? It is all happening!!! -Utsava