Good Morning,

August 22 is a special day. I do not worry if today will be an announcement that Trump is back or not. I know he will be-I mean officially back so we get closer to the end of the movie

'Biden won', because he did not win. Trump won. Biden was not really president. It was all a show for the enemy to be distracted and others to wake up.

Fox news has reported that Trump will be back August 22. George news has stated that when the time comes for Trump's return Fox news will know. The AZ audit results will be published on August 22. Donald Trump has been saying the past few days repeatetly that Joe Biden should resign.

I do see Donald Trump returning on August 22, which is today. Will we hear about it today? Will it be announced? Well often these things are not officially announced, yet they still happen.

In a nutshell:

-I have stated to a friend the other day that I see that Pompeo has an issue because he signed a contract with an oil company. There is bribery involved. The other day news has surfaced stating that Pompeo had a contract with a chinese company that is involved in the oil business. The issue is that he has not disclosed the contract. You can see why. Since there was a shady deal involved and he got compromised. Out there people have noted a double. Pompeo dissappeared. He is in protective costudy or similar.

-I had stated that Joe Biden will be removed due to a scandal. The scandal is Hunter Biden, his son. A Video has surfaced where he had sex with a prostitute and talks about his computer that was hacked. Why this is important is because Joe Biden was then blackmailed and therefore compromised.

-Saudi Arabia uses now Ripple/XRP for banking. This is a big deal and will be happening world wide. XRP has huge potential.

-People are getting more and more fed up about corona virus restrictions, mandatory vaccinations and the overall tyranny. This was the goal, to have people demonstrate, speak up and take a stand against the Cabal who is trying to keep us down, opress us and trying to restrict our lives.

-The EBS is expected in September or October, while September is a higher chance. The currency reset is expected right after.

The corona mandates will ease off and go away. They served the purpose to wake people up. The rulers of the planet have not been concerned about your well being; vaccinations have been used for a subversive agenda not to improve your health. More people realize this now. Remember Joe Biden had only so much power as the White hats have allowed him to have, which was not real power. It was used merley to demonstrate to the People how it is like under a Biden presidency. It is all about waking people up and prepare them for the next phase which will be Nesara, a new financial system. This new system is so much more than just a financial system, it is linked with higher conciousness and technology attached to it. It is all about peace on earth, living in harmony with nature and higher frequency. The old times were all about greed and suffering, now what is coming is bliss and the Awakening. Nesara is on and the Quantum Financial system is running.

-It is up to us to stay mindful and not let the fear mongering (aka "forced vaccinations", or "vaccination passports" etc.) bring our frequencies down. The more we let these things, which will go away soon, affect us out of fear, the more the dark forces have a grip on us. If we are rather watching our emotions and stay centered we become oblivient to these things and they cannot take a hold on us any longer. A way to do this is when you wake up in the morning set a prayer and visualize positive things for your day. Before you go to bed at night you say a prayer again and visualize positive things. The more positive we are and give the negative less energy the less power will these negative things have over us.