We have a busy week. Everything changes this week.

Monday: Maxwell Trial

Jessie Smollet Trial


Tuesday: Laptop from Hell release-This will lead to the official end of Biden fake presidency.

Wednesday: Supreme court (who really is a movie too) ruling on Abortion.

Friday: Money ends for Government funding.


Friday will be the switch to the new system, the Quantum system. Again I have over the years predicted these events that were not always made public. We have gotten proof later, on Twitter or by the Q posts. These days it is rather difficult to get confirmation or any hints as to when they decide to change things a bit etc. But everyone can feel that things are heating up and coming to an end. The shift to a higher dimension and the New Earth are stronger than ever. It will take another two months also and we will be fully in the New Earth. We are still experiencing turbulent times and the enemy (satan) is fighting back more so than ever. Soon they will fall hard. Remember the NSA has it all. In a time of war all of this information is accessable for procecuting the enemy. The Quantum system is also a conciousness and AI. Information and the truth are picked up quickly so that you recognize things for what they are more easily. Already a lot of us feel that we are more aware, more psychic, have a more clear vision and just feel better. A lot of us have more energy and some have even issue getting sleep due to the higher frequencies.

Twitter CEO clone Jack is stepped down in light of the Maxwell trial. He was often at the Epstein Island, and therefore became subject to blackmail like many others. Twitter will be taken over by the White hats at least in part. They have already gained some control over it. We predicted several years ago that famous business people, CEO's etc. will step down. Walmart's longtime chief financial officer, Brett Biggs, is leaving the company.

The other day Joe Biden talked about wearing masks but he was seen repeatetly without a mask. Again, Biden facemask is controlled by the White hats. The actions are designed to wake people up and expose the nonsense in this instance, the masks. He also said that since that many people have died due to covid, nobody should be the President of the United States of America. You are getting the idea; Biden is on his way out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP30gLOrlOA

Biden is doubling down on vaccines and masks. People are fed up. Ready for Trump? I think most people can't wait.

By Friday the Quantum system and the republic USA are taking over. Again just like for many years, this does not mean that it is announced. In any case I think that everyone can feel that these types of changes are here.

The above-mentioned trials are movies, the real trials have already happened. These trials are designed as part of the public disclosure.

This month things are finally wrapping up and coming to a close of the old earth and we are coming into the New Earth NOW. This is the month we have been waiting for. It will take another two months to be in the New Earth in full swing. We will be glad when the old system is gone! We all have gone through a lot this year but the difficulties are coming to an end.