Word is going around that the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting was a False Flag event; a staged event. This does not mean that noone died. The event was orchastrated by the Black hats. The White hats took over. Things are a bit complicated but in a nutshell the event is used to show people what is going on with the court system. The event is there to prepare us for what is coming. The judge talks about the Constitution and Common law. The court system will change and we will go back to the Common law. Judges and lawyers etc. will have to stand down. The court system, law enforcement, procecutors etc. are for the most part, controlled by the Freemasons. I have covered these shooting hoaxes a lot in the past and even predicted some of these events. I took a lot of heat, my channels were shut down as a result of it and I was severly attacked when I disclosed these hoaxes. All we really have to know at this point is that there is a movie inside the movie in another movie etc. In the end the White hats took over and use the Rittenhouse trial to show the People what is really going on with the court system. Procecutors all across the country often do not procecute criminals even conclusive evidence of their crimes is provided. Instead unproportional they often go after Patriots, after republicans and political opponents. They don't have evidence, lie on affidavits to the courts and take bribes. The White hats have been investigating these filings and the NSA knows everything. Corrupt judges, proceuctors etc. will be fired or arrested.

Everyone is going after Lin Wood, because he tells the truth....We Patriots are getting attacked by Deep State/Antifa type terorirsts and mob who have an agenda. Example Lin Wood says it all! They attack the messanger in order to attempt to discredit the message. They are full of lies.

This video explains it all! https://www.bitchute.com/video/dJzRdnYSecYW

Antifa, Deep State Operatives and others have infiltrated groups and then betrayed Patriots. They used private information they have obtained to smear and defame patriots. Lin Wood is severly attacked by many. He has been part of the declass and disclosed a lot of information. I personally have received lots of attacks over the years since I have personally exposed crimes and predicted events for the past five plus years. The Deep state is fighting back. They want to discredit the messanger and defame them in order to discredit the messange. For instance they also like to discredit anyone saying anything about 'Q' in order to discredit the 'Q' movement. They have also fake MAGA channels who then give you part good and part bad information. The point that is being made is to go after these people for defamation, libel and slander since these legal cases will set a presedent. We have to know, when we read negative information about Patriots, like Lin Wood, that often these people get paid to lie about us or they could be mind controlled. While nobody is perfect, we have to use descernment. If we find ourselves going after Patriots everywhere we play right into the enemy's hand.

I had stated a long time ago that the White hats decided to make the White house the People's house and there will be concerts. President Trump then confirmed it and has stated that the White house will become the People's house. In recent months they discovered more tunnels and more dark places under the White house and in DC. They decided to destroy it. It is too dark and they found it should not be preserved. People have free will they can decide things differently than planned. Usually I would read their plans and they would follow through in 90% + times of the cases. This year a lot of things have been upsided down and it was an extremely difficult year for many. But remember while nothing is what it seems evil forces will be eradicated from this planet; completly. While a lot of dark forces, demonic spirits, dark technology, dark alien groups and a lot more dark entitites have left the planet there are still dark forces but they have lost control overall. In the end they will be all gone. Only those who are awake and are ready to be part of this New Earth will survive.

The London bridge is falling. We have been told that when the London bridge is falling the gold standards are here and the EBS is coming. The latest intel I have received by reliable sources is that Donald Trump's son, Barron, was kidnapped but he is home now. This was another reason for the delay of the EBS. Trump is taking things into his own hands. He wants the EBS done. I have stated that all of these dates for the EBS are possibilities as they have postponed the EBS that was scheduled for last year. There were interferences and other issues as to why they kept postponing the EBS. We are going to a new calendar which means that Christmas is two weeks early.

We are also going from the Gregorian to the Julian Calendar. The main difference between Julian and Gregorian calendars is that an average year in Julian calendar is 365.25 days while an average year in Gregorian calendar is 365.2425 days. Gregorian calendar is the normal calendar we currently use to determine the date. Julian calendar was used from 46 B.C to 1582. In short Christmas will be approx. two weeks early this year, according to the Insiders.

The next possible date for the EBS is expected the next days. Remember this movement is also a military operation. While the White hats don't want this to be obvious, it is the military that orchastrates everything and the Uprise of the People world wide was necessary in order to bring in Nesara/Gesara.

We will be getting hit with a very large solar storm again in the next days. Solar storms will cleanse the atmosphere of dark energies, dark entities and can shift the energy to a higher dimension drastically. What can be helpful is mindfulness in this new time.

In order to make the shift into a new reality and a higher dimension you want to let go of ego; of frustrations, expectations. of fear, of anger etc. We are usually caught up in shame or blame. The root of the ego is the desire; such as the desire to control, and behind control is fear. All we really have to do is being mindful about whatever comes up for us and be more of a watcher, or simply remember that you are the watcher or the witness. You cannot be in an abusive relationship and at the same time create a positive life. Creating a positive life means perhaps leaving abusers and negative people. We cannot change them, but we can change ourselves; the way we are thinking. While we are changing things on the outside, this does not mean it has to be done from ego and by blaming others.

By changing ourselves and having positive thoughts we will attract positive things into our lives. The more we worry and are driven by fear, the more negative things are coming our way. The more we are visualizing positive things the less can demonic spirits and the darkness hold us back. I don't mean repressing the darkness or negativity. I mean more being a watcher and letting things go naturally. We cannot force these things; we have to take action out of an understanding that arises from emptyness. We have to become like an empty vessel, where there is almost a gap in the transition when we heal. In this gap we just are without desire or judgment, but we are open and trust the divine plan. This does not mean that you are blindfolded and are not aware of what is going on. You are even more aware, but you are mindful and you are the change. Once you are part of the change and let things go, you will be letting yourself happen and let others happen as well. Instead of expecting that others change to your benefit you yourself lead by example.