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If you're here that means you've found our podcast and have hopefully been enjoying the content we've been producing! For those of you who don't know, Understanding Train Station is a weekly podcast hosted and produced by Josh and Feli. It all started when Feli (Feli from Germany on YouTube) invited her friend Josh to be a guest on her YouTube channel and talk about their bilingual friendship. Feli is originally from Munich, Germany but now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and Josh is a native Cincinnatian who through becoming fluent in German and spending significant time in Germany has become one of the most "Germanized" Americans you'll ever meet. From that initial YouTube video, we received tons of amazing feedback and quite a few requests that we should make a podcast together. We loved that idea and decided to make it happen!

In the podcast, we share our personal experiences, opinions, and tips about living abroad and try to help listeners grow from only “understanding train station” (based on the German idiom "Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof" that's used to express a lack of understanding, similar to "It's Greek to me") to becoming comfortable with and excited about different cultures and living in a foreign country. While the main focus is on cultural differences between Germany and the United States, we frequently have guests from all over the world to broaden the conversation and share their experiences to see where there are similarities and interesting differences.

We decided to set this page up for those of you who may want to stick with the free economy class train ticket (listening to our podcast on your favorite podcast platform) but wanted to provide us with a one time financial boost to keep the engines running. For those of you interested in upgrading to a first class ticket check out our Patreon page to get exclusive content and more direct interaction with us! :)

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