Too Late by Colleen Hoover To be honest I have mixed feelings about this book.One hand it was different and heavier and darker compared to her other books.But on the other hand there were things that unfortunately didn’t hit the mark for me. The book is told from three POV’s. It’s a story about college girl Sloan who has been enduring an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Asa.Who is a sick f*ck. He’s a selfish asshole and a drug dealer who treats Sloan like she’s a possession and cheats and f*cks around with other girls behind her back. Sloan is well-aware of Asa’s drug involvements but she cannot get away from him because she owes him a lot.He is the only who can support her sick little brother Stephen.Which is later revealed that has been a lie. When she met Carter though, she felt an instant connection with him. But the problem is he works for Asa. The romance, by the way, was there, but it wasn’t as overwhelming as I expected it to be. The thing that made it kind of off Sloan and Carter immediately fall in love .I did not see the connection or chemistry between them. And also Asa went from a bad boy to psychotic lunatic very fast. Sloan is apparently very strong and unyielding, however, in my opinion, she comes across as a doormat and she was crying on almost every page. What also irked me most was how she can never say NO to Asa whenever he needs a quick f*ck or anything. I get it that she’s helpless and compromised but said, she had all the chances to get out of the abusive relationship.I don’t understand why she needed it Carter to be her knight in shining armour.And I can’t really say anything remarkably thing about Carter. The ending. What kind of ending is that? I’m really sad that I couldn’t enjoy it more.