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My Name is Carlo. I've been running Home Assistant for a BUNCH of years. Almost from the very beginning actually. This channel is focused on bringing what I have implemented at my own house to you so that you can bring it to your house. The channel will be a mix of reviews, tutorials and inspiration. It is a companion to my GitHub site that holds all the code for my Smart Home and my main site where I keep the more in-depth technical writings. I hope you will enjoy the videos, posts and consider subscribing.

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Thanks so much for the Coffee Justin! It is very much appreciated.

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Thanks and keep the updates coming!

Thank you Craig!  I will!  This coffee platform is a relatively new thing for me so it is just amazing to me that people have found enough value in what I am sharing to want to show support like this to encourage me to continue.  It is VERY much appreciated.  My next video will be about HA video cameras.  Hope you enjoy it!  -Carlo

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Thanks for sharing your Home Assistant knowledge.

Thank you so much for the Coffees Jerad! Very Much appreciated! This will keep me documenting waay into the night! .