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For over twenty years we've published new innovative writing out of Australia, Asia Pacific and elsewhere, largely working for free, rolling book sales back into the next book that otherwise might not have been published. We've given a lot of new writers their first break into publishing and brought a lot of writing into English that might not otherwise have been published. We love what we do. We love making books. We love expanding what's possible in literature.

Now we're trying to do it full-time, expand our list, create more opportunities for new work and new writers and new connections across languages and culture. If you'd like to support us, keep us going, give us a boost, show your support, create new opportunities and new books, please think about buying us a coffee to keep us going or becoming a member so that we can become sustainable into the future. You'll be helping us cover overheads traditional funding doesn't cover and make a start on getting paid for work we've done for free over twenty years and most of all you'll be supporting new work getting published that otherwise wouldn't be.

Vagabond Press is an independent literary press that was established in 1999. For two decades we have published a range of established and emerging poets from Australia and more recently Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Our books have won many of the major literary prizes in Australia, been praised by critics and taught at universities around the world. Vagabond Press aims to build a transnational context for our writers and to continue to support the production and promotion of innovative new writing and literature in translation.

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