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Born in Indonesia, bred in Singapore, presently a nomadic citizen of the world, Valencia is a multidisciplinary visual and performing artist whose life has been largely characterised by a sense of unrooted-ness and constant change, which makes it rather unsurprising that she identifies so strongly with the spirit of the Butterfly. This affinity with Change has inspired her to create the Metamorfosize project, and utilise it as a platform to heal humanity's dysfunctional relationship with Change through art creation and interactive workshops.


Valencia has fallen deeply in love with live improvisational art-making, whether it's dance, visual arts, or music. She enjoys the magic and spontaneity that comes with improvisation, and she constantly collaborates with other artists who similarly enjoy improvisation. She has found improvisational dance performance to be an especially powerful art form for her specifically, and audiences across Berlin, Copenhagen, and San Francisco have often commented on the profound impact she made on them through her performances.


These days, she finds great fulfilment in creating, facilitating others' creations, and bringing people together through the "Metamorfosize" project - her top 3 passions! She is always happy for the opportunity to share her gifts, and trusts the Universe to bring her to those ready to receive them. For ultimately, Giving is Receiving :)