Buy VanAlert a coffee


VanAlert has always been available for FREE since its inception in 2017 and with your help, I will be able to keep it that way.

I would like to reach out to those in our community in order to help alleviate some of the financial burden of maintaining VanAlert's monthly expenses. If you are someone that is in the position to donate, use the SUPPORT option for a one time donation. We as a community would really appreciate it.

Many have asked for an auto renewing form of subscription which is also available by clicking the MEMBERSHIP option on this page. This will allow members to automatically donate $2, $5 or even $10 monthly as long as they want to in order to be applied to VanAlert's monthly expenses. 

Our monthly operating costs are currently at about $200/mo. This includes webhost, domain name registration, app software, app store fees etc. The funds donated by our community will be put into our VanAlert account and applied to our monthly operating costs in 2022.

Thank you,
Abel Longoria.