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Nov 15, 2021

Do you savour?? 🤔

Savouring is consciously, deeply, and presently enjoying an experience. Savouring usually occurs with a positive experience and sometimes it happens naturally 🧘

But we often need to make a conscious choice to savour. Rumination and worry can creep into any experience, messing about the opportunity to savour it 😩

Before you go on that vacation you might be worrying about what you might forget to pack. While you are there you could spend your time documenting all your fun instead of immersing yourself in the experience. When you are home you could think about all the things you didn’t get to do while you were there.

Our brains are pros at finding the negative; savouring helps us find and experience the positive elements of our lives 🧠

Savouring is like practicing gratitude in real time, instead of as a reflective exercise. Savouring can help create the illusion of time slowing down, as you consciously ‘drop into’ the experience you’re having ⏰

Even when it’s not a positive experience that lends itself to savouring, this can be a lovely way to enhance an experience. It can help us focus on the sweet part of bittersweet moments 🙃

When you first foray into savouring, choose easy moments that feature something to enjoy: a nice meal, the first sip of coffee in the morning, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a hug with someone you love (yourself or someone else!) 🤗

The more you savour, the easier it will be to do during all kinds of different experiences 💓

Go forth and savour something right now! 👉

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