May 25, 2021

S1 E9: Storm Hawks (Throwback Thursday Special)

Talk about a show that deserved better; it even ended on a cliffhanger! From sympathetic main characters to interesting enemies, this is one French/Canadian cartoon that should've lasted... more

Apr 25, 2021


Working on a new episode! Sorry for the long hiatus, mental health is a b*tch sometimes. I'm sure you'll like what's next! Here's a hint: #ThrowbackThursday

Feb 04, 2021

S1 E8: Mr. Iglesias (Netflix)

Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias stars in this hilarious comedy drama series that features both life lessons and adult... more

Jan 31, 2021


Episode 8 is going to be delayed due to IRL stuff, I apologize for the inconvenience! Here's a sneak peek to make up for it:

Jan 29, 2021

S1 E7: Megalobox (Anime)

An underdog punches through the odds and forces his way to the most elite boxing tournament, shocking his fans, his skeptics, and even his own manager. TW: Blood, swearing, intense fight... more

Jan 29, 2021

S1 E6: Glitch Techs (Netflix)

Two gamer teens join a secret organization dedicated to finding and capturing glitches that escape their... more

Various Media Trailer
S1 E1: Cells at Work! (Anime)
S1 E2: DC Super Hero Girls (2019) pt. 1
S1 E3: DC Super Hero Girls (2019) pt. 2
S1 E4: Hilda, Season 1