It all started with a hammock... The thought of it whirled round in my head like an obsession for weeks. And this thought led to another. The hammock needs something to hang on, so I need a tent. The hammock needs someone to lie in it, so I need a lion. And a monkey. And a sleeping bag in order the tent can accommodate two tourists at once. And a mosquito net to protect from mosquito bites, because the action obviously takes place somewhere in the jungle. And a lantern! It's necessary to have a lantern in the jungle! And a snake to hug and snuggle with. :-)

«Mini monkey», «Mini Lion» and «Safari tent for mini doll» sewing patterns are available for purchase in my Extras section. Thank you for your support!

The monkey is wearing a romper, the lion is wearing a vest and shorts. All the garments are fully lined, close with snaps. The clothes are interchangeable between the dolls.The lion's mane is easy to make. It's made of yarn (without knitting or crocheting) and securely sewn to the head.The tent is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay in the jungle. There are two sleeping places: the hammock and the sleeping bag, so the tent can accommodate one or two dolls.

The tent door can be placed in three positions: put down at night time.Or rolled up.Or laid flat on the roof. The mosquito net can be attached to the inner side of the roof.The mosquito net doesn't prevent to roll up the door or to put it down.Your doll will enjoy relaxing or sleeping in the hammock after a long walk. The hammock is detachable, it can be removed at night time if the tent is used for one doll. The warm batting makes the sleeping bag perfect for cool jungle nights. It’s very easy to put the doll into the bag thanks to the closure on one side. The lantern is so real, isn't it? :-)You can hang the lantern on the door strap when the door is on the roof.Or you can hang the lantern on one of the hammock straps when the hammock is removed.The snake is very kind, it likes to lie on the roof, get warm in the sleeping bag or swing on the hammock with its big friend.

Series: Mini dolls


Monkey and lion: 15.5 cm (6-1/8")

Tent: 20 x 15.5 x 11 cm (7-7/8" x 6-1/8" x 4-3/8")

This tent also perfectly fits other Mini dolls made with my patterns (13.5-16 cm (5-1/4" – 6-1/4") tall from head to toe).

Recommended fabrics: lightweight cotton (quilting cotton)

Sew-in foam stabilizer (foam interfacing) 5 mm (1/4") thick is used to support the tent, but it can be replaced with another material that holds its shape, for example: stiff felt, stiff sew-in interfacing, plastic, etc., in one or two layers depending on thickness and stiffness of the material.

«Mini monkey», «Mini Lion» and «Safari tent for mini doll» sewing patterns are available for purchase in my Extras section. Thank you for your support!

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