Let's talk about the doll head. How to make it smooth after stuffing, without wrinkles and knobs?It's not as complicated as it looks! Just follow these simple rules.

1. Fuse an ultra lightweight interfacing to the wrong side of the head pieces. Interfaced pieces are much easier to stuff. Sew the pieces precisely along the marked seam line, decreasing the stitch length. Trim the seam allowance with pinking shears. If you don't have pinking shears, cut the triangles with regular scissors. This step is often skipped over, but if you don't do that, your seam won't lie flat.2. Turn your head right side out and press. If you have done everything correctly, the contour of your head will look neat:3. Stuff your head. If it looks like this, it means that you haven't stuffed it firmly enough:Don't be stingy with the stuffing! Use a stick (especially at the end) to push the stuffing into places that still look bad. And I highly recommend to use super soft polyester stuffing with silky and smooth texture (swan down alternative).

After stuffing your head should look like this. There are still some small wrinkles and knobs along the seam, but this is normal, we will remove them with an iron:4. Now squeeze your head with two fingers to stretch the seam and spread all the wrinkles. Moisten the seam and press throughly with steam:5. That's all! Your doll head looks perfect!

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