Andrei Jarell Vedad
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Website Renewal For 3 Years

I would love to continue running and improving my website, so I can maintain my little corner in the vast void of the internet. By helping me fund for the renewal of my website, then I can continue to have an outlet for everyone who likes my content and the things that I do.

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Midjourney Basic Plan 1 Year Subscription

I would love to add the Midjourney Basic Plan 1 Year Subscription to my wishlist. Midjourney is an AI-based platform that generates images from prompts, and with the Basic Plan subscription, I'll have access to a wealth of features and tools that can help me bring my ideas to life. I can generate as many images as I want, save and download them, and even share them with others. Plus, I'll have access to the Midjourney community, where I can connect with other creatives and share my ideas.By supporting my Midjourney subscription, you'll be helping me nurture my creative side and explore new ideas. Thank you for considering supporting me in this endeavor!

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