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Emergence Arts Presents Artist Nelson Host Santiago

Jan 30, 2022

Emergence Arts is proud to present the very talented artist Nelson Host Santiago.

His paintings are raw; he captures emotions and scenes that we know all too well - the madness of politics, the despair of death and survivor's grief - and presents them with a pure heart and a sense that what hasn't stop us only made us stronger.

Come join us at Endless Life Brewing for a couple of hours of drink-n-draw, meet the artist, and enjoy the reception. You never know just what could come from a night of art, music, and delish brews.

Please join us for the opening reception for Bronx Artist: Nelson Host Santiago! Friday, February 4, 2022 from 6-8 P.M. EST

Drink and Draw from 12-10 P.M. EST - Supplies provided (feel free to bring your own sketch pad).

Event is FREE! Donations are always encouraged and welcomed to help support living artists. What we do is a labor of love and often shrouded in the wrong ideas that artists don't work very hard, but we do. We work extra hard to give back to the world.

Any donation you make is split with the curator (me) and artist. My split goes right back into what I'm doing for the arts: showcasing new artists, mentoring and coaching them in their art careers, placing artists in residencies, creating paid jobs, representing them while working a full time job that enables me to continue growing Emergence Arts collective. All of my time right now is community service, the artists and I pay out of pockets if we need something, and the gallery is an in-kind donation.

Anything you can do to help us rise to success is greatly appreciated!!

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