Dear Traveler,

I'm so glad to announce an element included in your first Virtual Travel: it's a VIP pass to the Casanova's Venice Experience, an IMMERSIVE SHORT MOVIE in 360° (22 min.)

here are some small revelations of what you will find in the Casanova Experience:

  • a pleasant 'suspension from above' by being in a very famous place in Venice, guess which one? (minute 8)

  • an intriguing nocturnal walk through the labyrinthine Venetian alleys (from minute 11)

  • witness Casanova's daring escape from the Venetian Prisons (from minute 15)

The movie can be played on any smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet, google cardboard, or on a VR Headset (like Oculus go/rift, Pico, others).

Undo your seat belts, the journey to Venice is about to begin!


Head of VEEZY Virtual Travels Agency