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10 Desk-Friendly Exercises to Lose Weight

Jun 02, 2023

Although modern technology has provided us with many advantages and conveniences, there is one significant disadvantage: the majority of us spend the majority of the year sitting at a desk for eight (or more) hours per day, five days per week.

Sadly, the one thing that might make us successful, profitable, and productive workers for our organization can also negatively impact our health, possibly in a long-term way.

Weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses can all be attributed to too much sitting. According to one (somewhat unsettling) study, spending the entire day sitting down increases the chance of death by 40%.

Even while we don't believe that your job will kill you, it's a good idea to take some straightforward measures to boost your health at work. Simply starting to move your body a little more at your desk is a simple place to start.

Desk Workouts for the Upper Body

Tricep dip

You'll need a stationary (not a wheeled! ) chair to perform this exercise. Push the chair forward and place both hands in the air. Keeping your back as near to the chair as possible, place your palms flat on the seat, bend your elbows straight back, and lower yourself straight down a few inches. After that, extend your arms straight back to the start.

Finish 20 dips.

Pulses in the arm

This help to expand your shoulders while working your triceps. With your hands facing backward and your arms at your sides, stand up at your desk.

Keep the arms as extended and straight as possible as you pulse them backward for 20 seconds.

Branded resistance bands can up the ante on the difficulty of this portable arm workout.

Arm Circles

This action provides a whole new meaning to the phrase "circle back." Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms outstretched at shoulder height is a good posture. Make a little backward circle with your arms.

20 times in this direction, then swap and do it again.

Push-ups at a desk

Priorities First Ensure that your body weight can be supported by the desk. Then, move back a little so you can spread your hands slightly wider than shoulder width on your desk. While lowering yourself towards your desk, maintain a firm core. Once your arms are straight but not locked, push yourself back up.

Aim for 20 repetitions.

Incorporate Push-up bars to reduce strain on your wrist joints.

Wall pushups

Here is the desk version in a modified form. Place your hands flat and wider than your shoulders against a wall as you lean against it while standing a short distance away. Maintain a straight line from your head to your toes by lowering yourself towards the wall while keeping your abs firm. Then, push yourself back up until your arms are straight (but not locked).

Make 20 repetitions.

Pair with: A weighted vest to assist your body get stronger and make your office exercises more intense.

Exercises at a Desk: Lower Body

Chair Squats

Try to use these whenever, whether on a call or in between meetings. All you have to do is get up from your chair, pause just before you sit back down, and then slowly lower yourself back down. To strengthen your glutes, keep your weight on your heels. then get back on your feet.

Ten times in total.

Pair with: A weighted slam ball to feel the burn in the muscles more intensely.

Rear pulses while standing

This motion will feel familiar if you've ever attended a barre class, but your desk is substituting for a barre. Bend one leg behind you while flexing the foot, holding the edge of the desk for support. A few inches above the ground, lift your heel, let go slightly, and press your foot firmly behind you. Continue pressing your heel back and bringing it up in alternating motions.

Perform 20 to 30 repetitions, then change sides.

Ankle weights provide additional resistance to help you tone and sculpt your lower body.

Make-believe jump rope.

If you need to adjust, jump on both feet at once or alternately. By moving your arms as if you were gripping a rope, you can increase the intensity.

When you have some room in the workplace, pair it with: a real jump rope.

Raising Calf

Hold on for support as you stand up from your chair. To stand on your toes, lift your heels off the ground. Lower yourself back to the ground gradually.

Do three sets of ten.

Use in conjunction with A hand and wrist strengthener to simultaneously work out two muscle groups.

Wall squats

When your hips and knees are at the same level and your knees are at 90-degree angles with one another, slide your back down a wall. For 30 to 60 seconds, hold the position, then release.

Aim for 15 repetitions.

Towel for yoga that dries quickly to absorb any perspiration.

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