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The pursuit of "becoming SOMETHING"

Dec 13, 2021

I recently watched a video of a young woman who tells her life story and the impact that childhood trauma has had on her adult life.

She talks about her experiences of all kinds; an unstable home, sexual abuse by her father , anxiety...etc

Despite these hazards, she tried to build a career, succeed in her studies and get out of this toxic environment and fly on her own. She eventually achieved her goals, she became the woman she always wanted to be, she had a work, love, friends, everything, a perfect social profile. However, her repressed emotions, her inner reality eventually resurfaced, and manifested itself in episodes of severe depression, which brought her to the brink of death.

In spite of all her struggle and her success, her old life experience came to break everything she built with hardship. Despite of the help and the traitement she got from the professionals of personality disorders, nothing changed, and no improvement has been notified, she always fears that the next episode would bring her imminent death.

To sum up, the adult human being, although he tries to rebuild himself from his thorny past, still finds himself vulnerable towards the traumatic experiences anchored in his memory. His emotions, his character, his future are only the result of the child in him who has accumulated however experiences he lived in the past.

Is it possible that a child with a instable past is doomed to failure?

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