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3 Weeks In

3 Weeks In

Jan 22, 2022

Three weeks into the new year and it’s… going. Going good in that all the balls are still getting juggled in the air; none has fallen.

This year, more than any other, it’s about understand myself (physically and mentally) and the journey to deepen that understanding. Along with that are all the relationships in my life (personally and professionally).

Last year in hindsight was a year of transition and learning. First year fully married, fully WFH, fully old parents in need of something more. And full of injuries and mental stress. And prob the best year of writing for Venture Out. With all that, I think it’s a primer to what can happen this year.

How about you? Are you excited still for the potentials of this year? How did you emerge from last year, and how will that affect this year? Better yet, just take stock of where you’re at and how you’re feeling. Do you like what you’re seeing?

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