Recently finished writing about something I dubbed the Guaranteed Work Life Balance. By the end of last year, like many, I indeed felt the burnout. I still loved everything in my life, and yet, it just wasn’t clicking and firing on all coco sets. (I misspelled cylinders and it auto corrected to coco sets, thought it was funny, so kept it!) But 11 days into the year, so far so good with the new routine. The major change prob has been that I’m incorporating a more substantial break in the middle of my work day. Smack dab in the middle, I sequester an hour of I can, do some yoga and just get away from work for awhile. And it’s helped! It’s a great recharge, even though I need to work later than normal. More experimentations to come with my routine, so stay tuned!!

PS, that’s me in Steamboat Sorings getting to snowboard for one day. Happy to report, my wife did not have to cash in the life insurance. ;)