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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by!

You're probably here because you clicked a link on my site, - a resource I developed and maintain for the gatcha game Monster Super League. The Astroguide provides up-to-date information on MSL and it's been my gift to the community of the game since 2020; I don't believe there is anything quite like it at the moment.

It took many hours to develop the site and get it to the stage where it's easily maintainable and I hope to continue maintaining the site into the future.

Financially speaking, hosting of the site has cost me several hundred dollars through the lifespan of the project and only increases as traffic increases, and - while I am committed to continue paying for the site - if you'd like to help out with the monthly hosting costs or simply support my work and say thanks this is where you can do it!

I appreciate your support, and please don't donate if you can't afford it.