Because I’m a night owl, and always have been, my mornings can sometimes start at 11 or 12. And then, they start slowly. I stretch and toss in the sheets, arranging my bedding just so. Then I scratch my cat behind his ears and pick up whatever book is currently exciting my imagination or breaking my heart. But I don’t feel like my day has really, truly started until I’ve had my coffee.

And now that I’ve gotten halfway through my cup, I can tell you I’m Vera Safire (VEER-a sapphire, like the gem). I’m a burlesque performer who isn’t performing much these days due to the state of the world. I take my coffee with milk and sugar most of the time, with the occasional splash of bourbon, and I’m happy you’re here. I hope you’ll stick around for stories/poems/pics from my performing life and that you’ll share book and movie recommendations with me.

Do you need me to warm up your cup?