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Portland-based multimedia artist Veronica "Vern" Avola makes electronic music that combines a ferocious wall of sound with a deceptively subtle sense of dynamics. One could call it noise music, except that Avola puts enough into weirdly shifting harmonics as she does into abrasion. One could also call it drone, but Avola's approach to synth music is too rhythmic, itchy, and restless to fit easily under that label. She's shared bills with artists including metal band Big Business, long-running experimental rock outfit Oxbow, and has collaborated with electro-pop eccentric EMA, to give you some idea of the difficulty of pigeonholing the project. She has been performing solo live since 2008. She's had the honor of having several releases on labels such as An Out Recordings, Accident Prone Records and Nadine Records, as well as releasing her most current works on her own label EMS Records.