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Hey, you found my page! That doesn't normally happen, but I'm glad you're here!

This is an extra way you guys can support me & be part of my videos! It's tough to make a single cent on YouTube when you're constantly getting demonetized for no reason which is why I opened this account.

Every donation provides me the finance & motivation I need to focus on making the things I love. For you guys! I put a lot of time & effort into my content, but I can't benefit financially without your help.

YOU can be in my videos too!

There's more than just appearing in the outro. If you join a $5 tier or higher, I will personally write your name on the Wall of Donors midway into the video! (Higher ranking tiers gets their message written and more!) 

Join my servers!

You don't have to be a member to join them but being a Donor grants you extra goodies there as well!

Minecraft (Bedrock & Java crossplay supported!):
IP -
PORT - 19134

Discord: click here