We live in a complex world.

It's an expression of who we are!

But, and here's the kicker, there's no point me (or anyone else) telling you to keep it simple.


Because I can't will you to be or behave differently to the way you're expressed.

Sure, I might enable a new way of feeling or seeing this world, but I'm not you and my felt experience is not and never will be yours.

This is resonant with so many (other) things.

You migh think this a hopeless message, and it might seem that way, but then again, if everyone could be persuaded of anything, it's to stop treating this world as something to consume.

Of course, we don't and even though it's conjecture, I don't believe we ever will.

As my parents used to say:

"When it's gone, it's gone."

For the record, this 'true Self' message of mine which I've kept quiet about for so many years -- even though I've had a website with said rubric 🙏 -- is an open secret; namely, there is no self-directing me that can be told or persuaded of anything.

Actually, that sounds so sophomoric.

We're here, we're alive and there's nothing we need do.

Sure, you know that this moment is the only one there is, but how does that manifest in the direction of true Self or anything else? It doesn't. That would be like asking nature to acknowledge nature.

So, if you're looking for the trap door to a simpler, more peaceful life, I'm not your answer -- not that I've ever self-appointed myself in that direction. You'll follow your own path, always.

And that's wonderful.

In fact, just living is (perhaps) the most beautiful thing you can do.

Much love, Ju.