Buy CurricuColour a coffee


Hey 👋 We have created this page for donations, as all our services are free!

What is CurricuColour?

CurricuColour was created in 2018 out of the need to reduce teacher workload (marking) whilst improving teaching, learning and assessment for our pupils. The aim then and the aim now was to help schools have better conversations about teacher workload and great practice for children!

Since 2018 we have opened our flagship school to visitors from across England to discuss our approach and offer ongoing support.

Why are you asking for money?

The whole point of what we do is that it's free to access. If we were to start charging at this early stage, the people we are trying to reach may not engage. Therefore the core of what we do is free and will always remain so.

That leaves us with a problem. We believe in the work we do. Many people value the work we do but this takes a lot of our own time and commitment to maintain.

If you'd like to assist us in achieving our goal in supporting teachers and schools within the profession, you can now buy us a coffee!

This gesture will go a long way in helping us maintain our website, put on events, conduct outreach etc which benefits the Education profession as a whole.