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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!
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Your PiKaraoke app has kept my wife and I sane throughout this last crazy year. Thank you for your sterling work!

I hear this all the time this is a common use case, in my household as well :) I really appreciate your donating your time and now dollars to the project. Your feedback has been invaluable to improving it!

More than happy to help. I wish I had more Python/Pi experience to assist more on the technical front.

Travis bought 10 coffees.

I'm asking for so many enhancements. Only fair I get you some more coffee for all the late nights!Thanks again, I think my wife has clocked in about 12 hours(at least) on this since Christmas.

Thank you very much, glad it's a hit with the missus, and thanks for all the great suggestions!

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PiKaraoke has made my home karaoke system MUCH more streamlined.  I really appreciate the work you've put into it and hope that you can continue to evolve it.   You really have something going on here. 

Thank you so much. And thank you for contributing with feedback and issues in github. You helped the project along greatly with your insights on vlc + mp3/cdg support.

Travis bought 10 coffees.

Love this as a solution to Karaoke. Something that let's me use quality hardware and give a great experiance right in our home.

Thank you so much for your generous contribution Travis! It's very rewarding that people are enjoying pikaraoke 🎶