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Vidette Mayer is a mentor, friend & spiritual counselor for the new wave of pioneers ready to live life light-hearted again…while changing the world of wellness.

As a Minister of Peace for the Galactic Peace Initiative, (yes, it’s a thing), she helps individuals with a higher knowing that they are here to BE more in this world, and ready to explore what that means. Using her training as a Spiritual Practitioner, Licensed Hypnotherapist, & training as a Minister of Peace, she helps people like YOU reconnect with the Storehouse of Peace within on her Youtube series, "PEACE Talks." Join us LIVE every Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday or watch the recordings on my channel.

Her book, “S.O.U.L. Mama ~ Seeing Only an Unlimited Life” gives a fresh, honest, and vulnerable look at her healing journey that started with a devastating blow to her first marriage and expanded into wellness of another kind.

She’s also a mom of 2 teenage boys, wife, and handler of two rescue dogs, Priya & Pepe. She currently lives in Sarandë, Albania…for the FUN of it and stays open to ALL the ways her Spirit calls her forth on her sacred journey called LIFE!

If you receive value from the art that I share, you can buy me an Aperol Spritzer or Espresso ~ both a perfect accompaniment to a romantic scene written by a writer along a seaside promenade of a sleepy Riviera town! YOU can take part in that scene by sponsoring a Spritzer on the table!

Rest assured, it's not the Spritzer I'm grateful for, it's that you receive value and insights from my art that benefits YOU!

You can watch all my videos on my Youtube channel or my blogfollow me on Instagram, (@videttemayer), or Telegram.  Together, we're ALL working on a higher reality of life that supports ALL of humanity!


You can dive more deeply into what I'm about professionally on my website, but ultimately, Sweet Soul, I desperately want to leave this world better than I found it. 

I found it to be harsh on the Soul and misguided in what it finds important. I have had a great life, however, it missed...something...I realized it missed ME being FULLY me. I tried to fit into everyone's expectations, but as "successful" as I was at acting normal, I felt like a failure.

My soul needed to be unleashed, and that it has been, it cannot be tamed. I hope you join me in the WILD parts of SOUL by exploring the pathway there. It starts with pioneering into the "wild west" of life...the unseen energies and consciousness that organize to create life. 

"Tune-in" to that with me and I'm certain it'll return VALUE to you that is FAR beyond the investment in the Aperol Spritzer you leave here.

With buckets-full of gratitude and love for you, thank you for BE-ing here!
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