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Hey, Sweet Soul, welcome to this page! 👋 

My name is Vidette and I'm from the U.S, living in Sarandë, Albania at the moment, making my way to my SOUL destination. I'm not totally sure where that is in this moment, but I'll know it when I arrive. My KNOWING, (higher intelligence) has been attempting to nudge me to my soul's calling as a writer and creator of sacred realities my entire life. I ignored that nudge for a long time trying to "make a decent effort" at a life that looked normal, but felt too rushed & scheduled to BE really sacred. Somewhere in there, the sacred art of life got lost, which meant, I got lost in a sea of normality.

I finally came to realize that my imagination would create dream realities as I meandered lost in normality. It became my sacred art and I attempted to build those realities in a normal world. It was a lot of effort in a world that has lost its sacred connection to nature itself. This was my experience of "normal," yet my imagination kept me tuned into the sacred.

Then, I noticed something...the more time I spent tuning into the sacred, the more sacred life became and the bigger my imagination got. My imaginative ideas eventually became my reality. I started sharing these changes and I have noticed that people typically like my perspective of life. It's different. It's whimsical. Its romantic. It's IMAGINATIVE...CREATIVE! 

My perspective has become sacred because I have seen it before anyone else. I lived in these imaginative realities before they were anything...I created this sacred reality of life. I live a sacred lifestyle. I've gained a pretty big respect for my art and have decided to honor it by sharing it here. 

I finally got the gumption to go "all in"on life and devoted myself FULLY to embracing my higher intelligence's push towards the sacredness of life again. Between my professional background as a behavioral hypnotherapist, spiritual practitioner, and energy healer, this lifestyle experience has opened up an understanding of higher knowledge and wisdom that only the Soul can reveal once it's "tuned into." 

I found enough evidence that my imagination is sacred. My imagination is my lifestyle and it's time to share my art & lifestyle vulnerably. BE-ing a creator of realities and communities that amplify sustainability and peace is what I am here to bring to the world.  I do that by following the soulful urge to finally live life as the TRUE self I have always imagined: barefoot, free-spirited, open-minded, full of LOVE, (and sometimes truthful love stings ;), following my creative spirit, and sharing its sacred perspective along the way. 

I've created this page for the people who would like to support my art of creating realities, but aren't quite ready to become a member of the Ascension Bank yet. 

If you receive value from the art that I share, you can buy me an Aperol Spritzer or Espresso ~ both a perfect accompaniment to a romantic scene written by a writer along a seaside promenade of a sleepy Riviera town! YOU can take part in that scene by sponsoring a Spritzer on the table!

Rest assured, it's not the Spritzer I'm grateful for, it's that you receive value and insights from my art that benefits YOU!

You can watch all my videos on my Youtube channel or my blogfollow me on Instagram, (@videttemayer), or Telegram. To connect even deeper on a Soul level, join my spiritual commUNITY on the Ascension Bank on Patreon. Together, we're ALL working on a higher reality of life that supports ALL of humanity!


You can dive more deeply into what I'm about professionally on my website, but ultimately, Sweet Soul, I desperately want to leave this world better than I found it. 

I found it to be harsh on the Soul and misguided in what it finds important. I have had a great life, however, it missed...something...I realized it missed ME being FULLY me. I tried to fit into everyone's expectations, but as "successful" as I was at acting normal, I felt like a failure.

My soul needed to be unleashed, and that it has been, it cannot be tamed. I hope you join me in the WILD parts of SOUL by exploring the pathway there. It starts with pioneering into the "wild west" of life...the unseen energies and consciousness that organize to create life. 

"Tune-in" to that with me and I'm certain it'll return VALUE to you that is FAR beyond the investment in the Aperol Spritzer you leave here.

With buckets-full of gratitude and love for you, thank you for BE-ing here!