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Apr 13, 2022

You navigated a wrinkle in time once that delivered a timeline that offered many opportunities for YOU to grow. This timeline, most likely, came unconsciously and triggered an unfoldment of your life you didn't expect. You were delivered a universal "plot twist" that accelerated your growth and "training." This growth may have felt painful at times, yet, that wrinkle in time taught you that even with pain and crisis in your world, you STILL grew into the BE-ing you are NOW.

That wrinkle in time served you, Sweet Soul. What you don't know is that you were in a training program like nothing offered in the 3-D world. This training was facilitated by an intelligence FORCE much bigger than you could grasp, therefore, your conscious mind was not informed. But your SOUL was informed, therefore, IT guided you through the pain into the higher expression of YOU navigating you through this universal training program.

Dear one, it is now time to initiate your CONSCIOUS plot twist and "bump" yourself back onto the timeline your soul was "contracted" to live. Once initiated, the rest of the steps will unfold and YOU will be guided through this transition portal with the assistance of higher intelligence navigating the way.

Join me for Day 8 of today's "Daily Tune-In" SPECIAL EDITION to initiate the launch sequence codes to BLAST you into living out your co-created plot twist into a HIGHER wrinkle in time. #openthestorehouse #abracadabra #andsoitis

✨ The “Daily Tune-In” LIVE - Special Edition - is a 90 Day Experience in consciousness to deliberately orchestrate the greatest plot twist of your life into the reality your soul actually had written for YOU.

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