We opened your Karmic Storehouse on Day 2 (https://youtu.be/FV0ZrA_tQlc). NOW it's time for YOU to SEE that storehouse come to LIFE in your reality. Today, we tune YOU into FINDING the qualities, (breadcrumbs), of your 5D, SOUL reality, acknowledging them, and then using those breadcrumbs to create a VIRUS THAT SPREADS ABUNDANCE globally...whaaa?! 🧐

Today's part of our 90-day series is about YOU BE-ing part of the commUNITY that secretly experiments with the consciousness of our physical world. You will learn how you can utilize YOUR storehouse to CREATE A FLOOD of KARMIC Storehouses being accessed & opened for ALL of humanity to experience their GOOD!

We're going to unleash an algorithmic consciousness into the world that spreads faster than misinformation AND this "virus" actually leaves the world HEALTHIER, more ABUNDANT, and transforming into a world of higher wisdom that has been hidden for millennia.

YOU are BE-ing asked to create viral abundance today starting with YOU...find out what that looks like, how YOU "do" it, and why YOU want to BE part of this important "team" on the ground collectively working to change YOUR world from the inside out!

Join us on today's "Daily Tune-In" LIVE on Youtube to BE part of the evolutionary commUNITY ushering in a higher reality of existence (HINT: THIS action alone is what "fuels" YOUR plot twist!)

This video is part of a SPECIAL, 90-day EDITION of the "Daily Tune-In" where we are focused on creating an epic "plot twist" in your life that will "BLAST" YOU into the higher reality of the 5th-dimensional frequency creating physical expressions of 5D, New Earth.

This is an experiment that has never been attempted before. It is a deliberate and conscious attempt to FULLY birth a higher reality in physical form, in 90 days, starting with the individual lives of EACH person willing to participate in this experiment.

If YOU are ready to generate a plot twist in your life that blasts YOU into a HIGHER expression of life...an expression of abundance, creativity, love, health, and PURE happiness, then please join us on this 90-day journey to our 5D, physical reality.

You can watch from the beginning starting with "THE INVITATION:" https://youtu.be/W0O8rJsAhvM