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Feb 25, 2022

After the "split" in realities that occurred earlier this week, every moment from here on out will hold a secret mystery. It will hold a choice. This choice will reveal a habit. That habit will become a pattern.

As we've discussed for WEEKS on the "Daily Tune-In," NEW patterns of perfection are BE-ing created NOW in the two realities. YOU hold the secret mystery in whichever reality you chose.

Join me today on the "Daily Tune-In" as we reveal this secret mystery that is creating YOUR reality, as well as, the global reality.

If you're ready to leave behind the thoughts & conversations of viruses, war, invasions, and control and BE in a higher conversation of reality, our Daily Tune-In commUNITY is where you need to be.

Together, we'll tend to the seeds of consciousness that create an elevated expression of peace and love on Earth to reveal a higher-level existence for ALL who choose it.

If you'd like to BE in that world, join me today on the "DAILY TUNE-IN" LIVE on Youtube at 7a PST | 9a CST | 10a EST | 3p GMT | 4p CET. It's the place to BE for those ready to LIVE in a higher-level lifestyle of consciousness.

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