There has been a distinctive energy of "something coming" that many have been "tuning into" in the last few weeks.

The mind typically associates this with a collective, global event, but remember, that everything happens in individual consciousness FIRST. The reality shift that occurs in each individual then projects out collectively into a global shift as a reflection of the individual's experience.

As we've stood in the proverbial "hallway" between one door closing and another opening, MUCH has been happening to prepare us for the zero-point moment when realities shift. That convergent moment is near.

Join us for today's "DAILY TUNE-IN" LIVE on Youtube at 6a PST | 8a CST | 9a EST | 2p GMT | 4p EET as we break down what this reality shift is for YOU, what YOU need to know about it, and HOW you can navigate this shift in peace, harmony, and sovereign power.

Let's be clear, how YOU navigate your own reality shift determines how the global shift unfolds. There's a LOT at stake here. As an awakened BE-ing, YOU hold the power of the world within, so let's set the harmonious "tone" for the global collective to shift into a HIGHER reality by first understanding how YOU shift into a HIGHER reality!

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