There is a tumultuous storm wrapping our planet in some DENSE energy that is readjusting MUCH of your world.

You may feel the tumultuous churning of "old" stuff within bubbling to the surface and it's most likely uncomfortable.

The global situation is disseminating information NOW that is likely to "stir" up even more within as the truth of the world is revealed in bite-sized chunks for humanity to absorb. This is creating a collective "storm of emotions," and with the activity of the cosmos being what it is, you will most likely witness chaos like never before.

That said, YOU are here in this DTI commUNITY. That means, YOU resonate at a higher level of frequency than the chaos, and YOU are BE-ing called to BE the calm withIN the storm.

Today's "Daily Tune-In" is a special edition since it was formulated by some of the most brilliant minds in our world today...minds that are expanding, imagining, and formulating a NEW world of existence where this level of chaos will never occur again.

Chaos can be created to control or to transition. We're talking about the "transition" storm of chaos that will be the energy of the week and how YOU can navigate it AS PEACE!

Join us today on Youtube for the "Daily Tune-In."

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