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Feb 07, 2022

Let's experiment.

Each individual has a higher-dimensional, unseen "team" that is missioned to direct the SOUL "movie" of your life.

When two or more teams gather for ONE intention, the power of that collective consciousness expands, multiplies, and becomes a POWER that changes the entire global "movie."

Join me on Thursday, February 10, 2022, as YOU are guided into a deeper relationship with your Galactic team frequency with your very own SCRIBBLE!

Your writing is an autonomic response to your subconscious mind. Your scribble is a quantum response to your soul's connection with your Galactic/Angelic team. What happens when you bring BOTH together?


When TRUTH is added into your life "movie," your movie becomes the ULTIMATE reflection of your favorite kind of movie! It'll have some epic adventure, romance, tension, the perfect amount of drama, and the happy ending YOU have always dreamed of!

When each human has THAT kind of life "movie," it changes the "movie" of our planet and altogether, we EXPAND into a "happy" existence for ALL!

Your team is your crew. They help direct ALL facets of your movie...from the location, to the co-stars, to the special effects, etc. They help bring your SOUL LIFE to reality by directing ALL parts.

If you're ready to get back onto the "script" of your SOUL LIFE, then we'll start with a scribble.

There are many messages in your Scribbles...are you ready to reveal the language of your higher consciousness team? Are you ready to be directed by the team that knows YOUR script inside and out? Are you ready to STOP having to figure it all out yourself? Being off-script means you have to improv your way through life and let's be clear, most people aren't the best improv artists, so it's best to BE on script and aligned with your SOUL movie!

This workshop-gathering is two-fold:

1. It will deliver time for YOU to develop your line of communication with your Galactic team and be able to pull in "intel" for the direction of your day-to-day activities and life and...

2. We will then pull our teams together for a collective dive into the higher intelligence as a commUNITY for the next three weeks.

We're going to work as a UNIFIED consciousness to direct the next weeks of energy. We are going to create an expansive flood of momentum that delivers an ABUNDANT, 5D, Soul-inspired energy wave for the global collective. Let's watch what our communal POWER can DO!

This is a gathering of LIGHT souls and when consciousnesses of LIGHT come together, planetary consciousness expands. There is GREAT power in communing with the Higher-Consciousness of LIGHT. Let's see what will be revealed when we come together in conscious-awareness of our individual Galactic/Angelic teams!

Date: Thursday, February 10, 2022

Time: 6:00p CET ( 9a PST | 11a CST | 12a EST | 5p GMT)

MAKE CAN MAKE YOUR DONATION TO JOIN HERE on Buy Me a Coffee - please specify in the notes you're donating towards the workshop so I know to send you the link!

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