Hey, y'all!

I'll be navigating my own reality shift here in the next couple of days. I canNOT wait to let you in on where it is and what it means for YOU!! (I don't do much for myself anymore without YOU in mind!)

It's a dream come true, and the beginnings of the 5D reality that Bud and I gave everything up for. It's been the journey we've been pioneering towards for over a year and the reality in which we KNOW will usher in a higher state of health, wealth, peace, love, creativity, and commUNITY for our family.

This reality shift has been worked towards for lifetimes, held in our hearts for YEARS in this lifetime, gave us meaning and purpose as we navigated the challenges that required us to grow into the people we needed to be to manifest it, and we are about to STEP INTO THE MANIFESTATION.

We have ONE-MORE journey to go to get there that will require higher consciousness to transcend the dark "restrictions" of the 3D world, but so far, we've sailed through those restrictions after thousands of miles across the globe in planes, trains, and automobiles. We have enough evidence now to show us that the 3D narratives don't touch us anymore.

I am hoping to be back online with the "Daily Tune-Ins," by Thursday, but not sure...could be sooner...or later depending on the need for rest and/or integration.

After today, (Monday), the "Daily Tune-Ins" and Wednesday's Ascension Circle will resume once I'm back online. I'll communicate that to you here on this communtiy page!

Much love and to NEW realities, Vidette